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Through my business coaching practice, I partner with business owners and executives JUST LIKE YOU in the public and private sectors to help them achieve their goals faster than they ever thought possible. I am a mentor, business strategist, thought leader, and a sounding board.

Building on a highly successful career in the insurance and financial industries, as a business coach I view myself as a “Recovering Accountant” who combines understanding of detail-and-process oriented professionals with a passion for helping business people overcome obstacles and learn to communicate like confident extroverts, even when they aren’t.

I ask all my clients, “Do you run your practice like a business?” If they don’t, I help them restructure their approach. If they do, we work together to take their sales and marketing model to a higher entrepreneurial level. I help clients identify their natural approach to work (outgoing, introverted, task-oriented, people-focused), gain clarity, and, when necessary, push through comfort zones to achieve unexpected results.

I am looking to work with:

  • Attorneys, CPAs, Financial Advisors and Insurance Agents who want to grow their practices and become more efficient and profitable.
  • Process-oriented professionals in a variety of fields motivated to sharpen their interpersonal skills, gain power and become “superstar salespeople” who can read the needs of potential clients in minutes.
  • Business owners who want to think like entrepreneurs, become effective leaders, grow their teams, build credit, master leverage, shorten sales cycles, craft a marketing plan and boost ROI.
I develop and execute strategies that immediately produce meaningful & tangible results.

If you’re ready to begin thinking like an entrepreneur, sharpen your time management & decision-making skills, leverage your energy, find a better position, build a sustainable business plan or exit strategy, reach out to me for a free thirty-minute business assessment at 908.420.5736 or via email at paul@hatrakassociates.com


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