Many professionals can benefit from the support a coach can provide. When you look at major sports figures, you will often find a coach right behind them. Even Google CEO Eric Schmidt credits his success to the fact that he engaged a business coach.
Can we help everyone? The short answer to that is a resounding “No!” It is important to establish a fit between the coach and the business person. We need to spend some time together to determine what you, as the business professional need to be successful.
That is why the first step is always to ask a prospective client to take a DISC assessment, a quick online quiz that allows us to determine your communication and behavior style. Once we have a good ‘read’ on your behavior style, the picture becomes clearer if what we offer is what you need.
We need information from you to determine if we can help you. We ask questions, listen to the answers and then outline the program we feel best fits your need. We are also prepared to acknowledge that it might not be a good fit. In that case, we always make a point of pointing to someone else we think who could help.
Once we have determined that it is a good fit, we establish the parameters of how we work together. We work with you to determine which coaching package will fit your needs and your budget.

“I was told you need a coach, everybody needs a coach. Every famous athlete, every famous performer has someone as a coach who gives them perspective.”
Eric Schmit, Google CEO